• Server setup & support
• Network infrastructure
• Design & implementation
• Hardware - Supply and Upgrade
• File backup
• Anti virus solutions & support
• Service contracts
• Remote Support

IT Infrastructure Review - Where we will review the entire IT operation and identify areas where efficiency improvements and cost savings could be made. This can then be used as a basis for a business case for future IT spend or organization change.

IT Infrastructure Risk Assessment - Where we will perform a detailed study of the current IT infrastructure in use, producing a risk register highlighting the key areas of risk to the business, with recommendations on actions to mitigate those risks. This allows management to understand the risks that the business is exposed to and produce a forward plan to resolve them.

IT Infrastructure Pre-purchasing Decisions - When a major capital spend is being made on IT infrastructure, it is important that the business understands the benefit of that spend and that it is achieving best value for money. MCG will audit the proposed purchase, to ensure that it is capable of delivering the business benefits proposed, that it uses the most relevant technology for the business and that the supplier quotes are competitive and reasonable. This enables management to understand that the proposed solution is right for the business and achieves best value for money.

Disaster Recovery Plan - Most organizations have some type of Disaster Recovery provision in place to protect them should an incident occur. Whilst this offers a major step towards protecting the business, frequently the processes and procedures that are required throughout the organization to invoke this provision are not in place or have never been audited/tested, thereby leaving the business exposed to potential major risk. MCG can audit the overall IT Disaster Recovery process with the objective of producing and managing an action plan to ensure that a fully documented and tested end to end recovery process is in place. In addition, we can help in selecting a suitable Disaster Recovery solution or an appropriate in-house infrastructure if no current provision is in place.

Outsourcing/Managed Service Specification and Selection - Many organizations are looking to reduce cost by outsourcing their IT provision. MCG can apply its structured methodology to understand the business requirements, select relevant suppliers and manage those suppliers in the delivery process, thereby ensuring that the business achieves its required objectives. In addition, the fact that suppliers know they are dealing with MCG's experienced consultants usually results in extremely competitive pricing being achieved.