MCG Computers has provided independent specialist advice in the area of IT infrastructure for many different businesses.

With increased business dependence on the deployment of IT systems and rapid changes in technology, it is essential that the underlying IT infrastructure utilizes the most relevant, cost effective technology available and that it is capable of delivering to all the requirements of the business. In addition it is also extremely important that the delivery of IT services and IT projects are performed in the most appropriate manner to ensure they are able to support the business in terms of cost, security, availability and reliability.

MCG Computers mission is to solve business problems through the effective use of IT.

IT is critical to the modern business but very often business computer purchasing decisions are technology vendor led without establishing a proper business case or fully understanding the on-going cost. IT should be an enabler, not a cost centre, and should be driven by a thorough analysis of business objectives and processes. When you rely on computers for the day to day running of your business then you need to maintain the stability and reliability of your IT systems.

MCG Computers can guarantee they have an office in your area, this will ensure a quick response to any urgent issue which can be dealt with almost immediately.

MCG Computers offers low cost remote support options for minor support issues. We can resolve many IT issues remotely.